Zhalia Hono

Zhalia Hono, daughter of Zerek and Sophie

Character played by shadowthehenghog.


She is a Hono. Her mother is Sophie Hono and father is Zerek. She respects her uncle, Aero Hono though rarely ever shows it. Her brother is Dante who she trusts greatly alongside her mother, though often they don't get on well unless they are pulling off pranks or other mischeif.


She wears and looks like what is in the picture. (Probably minus the headphones.)


She is often calm compared to her brother, despite being young she thinks rationally and logically. Though she is still a child and has many flaws. She values intelligence over strength, often finding a way to avoid combat. However she knows that being able to defend herself is a important, still making time for combat training alongside her education. She is still a child at heart and enjoys having fun than work. Her words can be harsh but it's rarely used with intent to hurt.


Being an offspring of two Draconis Alma. She displays talent in Fulgurmancy and Aeromancy. She is capable of Pyromancy and Astromancy but chooses not to use them as often. Her magic is powerful but currently uncontrollable until she gets a tutor, though her intelligence mostly makes up for that.

Weapon and SkillsEdit

Her weapon of choice is a light wooden Bo Staff that has glider wings built in (Aang's Staff). She mostly
Aang's Staff

Bo Staff Glider

uses the staff when utilising her Aeromancy skills and flying. She presses the glider to her back and manipulates the air beneath the gliders wings to fly. Her combat style changes depending on which type of magic she uses.
  • Her movements become more circular and softer when using Aeromancy.
  • Focusing on Pyromancy she uses strong punches and kicks.
  • On Fulgarmancy she uses movements that avoids her heart region, and using two fingers to direct the flow of electricty. She is still unable to grasp
  • Astromancy only using it as a diversion to temporarily blind people.


Apart from utilising her staff glider, she is also capable of forming spheres of air beneath her feet, using it to "skate" on land and water. Currently she is unable to generate enough lift to just hover or fly for an extended period of time, and controlled in a safe manner. Though she does enjoy this "safe", quick and easy method of transport when she's just having fun.

Top Emotional Osts Of All Times Broken Moon (Suika's theme)

Top Emotional Osts Of All Times Broken Moon (Suika's theme)

Zhalia's Theme