The ultimate elemental monster by lordnetsua


7 Months




Akataiyo, Ichizoku


Alive and Active

Yoso is the creation of L to go along with Zetsu. He's also a member of the Akataiyo. He symbolises force and power.


Yoso was very recently created by L through the same process as Zetsu. He's the second servant.


Yoso is at the same level of Zetsu, and that he's very powerful.

Elemental ManipulationEdit

Yoso has been shown to be a master of the elements, and elemental magic. He can manipulate summon, and become the elements. Along with that, he can mix them together, like fire and earth would result in lava, or water and fire to mist, and many more combinations.


Yoso is able to, like Zetsu, hide inside L by turning into Wind Form and allowing L to breathe him in. Unlike Zetsu, L has Yoso's abilities when he's inside L's lungs, where L has to swallow Zetsu in order to gain his powers.


Yoso is a very good strategist, not that good as L, but still good. He can use his abilities, along with Zetsu, to change the battlefield, literally and the direction of a fight.


Yoso's consists of no legs, but a tornado-tail. His right arm represents earth, his left ice, and his head fire. On top of all this, he has a cloak that Zetsu, Meari and L all wear. The cloak hangs waist down, though his arms stretch the sleeves a little bit.


Yoso is very calm, despite his wild look. He likes to take his time with things, despite his impatient body. He's a fairly nice person outside of battle, despite his dangerous look. There's also not much to his personality.


  • Yoso's Theme :

Naruto Shippuden OST - Anger02:59

Naruto Shippuden OST - Anger

Yoso's Theme


  • "Yoso" is Japanese Translation for "Elemental"

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