Lao-Shan Lung

Original from Monster Hunter, Lao-San Lung.

A legendary wingless dragon, nicknamed "The Walking Mountain" due to its immense size and unstoppable force. Often abbreviated to "Yama". Little is known about Yama as it is rarely awake, only in short periods of a month between a hibernation period of a few centuries. On average it hibernates between 1-2 centuries, but depending on how much it consumes during its active period, the hibernation period can be increased.

Rank S Dragon


Due to its immense size the Yama would often go into deep slumbers where it will not awake for several centuries. Throughout the ages its spines were often mistaken for strange rock formations. There's a theory that if it is deprived from eating during its active period, it could die during its slumber. The less it eats when it is awake, the longer its hibernation period is.


When Yama wakes after centuries, its first thought is to devour anything for the next hibernation period. Yama will eat anything, grinding rocks and stones in its jaw, devouring trees and vegetation, and feasting on people and livestock in cities and towns nearby.


It has a very large body mass, as a result it moves very slowly. It is unable to swim as a result, but its large lungs and perhaps gills (theory, no evidence) allows it to traverse along the seabed, even having been recorded hibernating underwater.



It's scales are tough, only small fragments have ever been removed from its body due to large explosions generated by powerful archmages. Its entire body seems resiliant to magic, and scales are impervious to physical damage. Yama's scales appears to have a resistance to magic, able to shrug off the most powerful combination of spells and break through the most powerful magical barriers. Its stomach is a yellow colour and is the weakest viable area to attack.


It rarely attacks hunters or people directly, just standing upon them or swiping them with its enormous tail would render anything dead.


Wherever it hibernates, groups of scientists will be assigned nearby to monitor the conditions of Yama. When it begins to awake, the ground trembles and large rumbling sounds could be heard within its body. Warning will then be given. It last woke 50 years ago, so it is safe to assume it is currently in a deep dormant state. Its current location is on an island in Ranger's Archipalego.

Lao Shan Lung intro

Lao Shan Lung intro

Video not mine original from Monster Hunter, Lao-Shan Lung. Yama o Ugokasu.

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