Not much is known about this Mistwraith.

He says he's very old, and that much is certain. He also says he doesn't remember how he became one, however he remembers his death as a child.


After he had become a Mistwraith, he lost a bet with the Labyrinth Builder, and now has to guard it for the majority of his "life".

However, he usually just floats around and barely makes contact with humans. Whenever he does make contact, they seem to forget about him.


As a Mistwraith, Wraith can turn into mist-clothes and all. he can re-make his body as well as long as there are mists present, however he has his weaknesses (which I'm not gonna put on here). He usually fights with his fists and feet, and doesn't know any magic.


Wraith is of average height, and wears a tattered and worn gray robe. He walks around barefoot and with a hood over his head. His eyes are gray, like the aura of mist that constantly surrounds him, and his hair is black, long and damp from the constant moisture.