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Wivzwmftsg is an assassin that used to be an Angel. He is sought by some of the higher ranked commoners for contracts. He is young for his race and has spent most of his life being tortured for 500 years. For his age, he's also quite powerful compared to some of the other Fallen. He was captivated by Angels in the Prison of Heaven due to disagreeing with the Gods on countless occasions.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

He is 5,9 and has a strongly built body. He has a light bronze tan, his eyes are a pale purple. For his work, being silent is part of his job. He can make himself be completely silent and invisible. He has white spiked hair, and a swirled pattern down his arm. He wears long black and purple robes and a trenchcoat, the end of the robes hang from the end of the trenchcoat.


Being Fallen his magic his quite impressive. His specialises in a wide range of magic. Although it is not his strong point, he favors Pyromancer styled magic.


As Wivzwmftsg has just broke free from prison, he has left behind his weapons, he has nothing but a regular blade.


For who he is, those who do not anger him he is a geniunally nice person to. As he broke out of jail, another Fallen of the nameDmzgsvi teleported him when he was in the real world to Kritana, having been in prison for 500 years, he had no idea what to do there. The only person he trusts for now, except from the prisoners he now is not near anymore, is Dmzgsvi.

Alternative FormEdit

Wivzwmftsg has another form, which he becomes whenever he is furious. Wvhgfwgrlm, which means Destruction in Runic. When he is in this form he becomes more powerful than before, his magic levels rising, his blood boils and he literally destroys the one who has infuriated him.