Vualts top half.


Vualt is a 21 year old magic user, who enjoys girls... alot.

Vualt was raised in Italy, under the properties of a docter. His father dissaproved of his mothers medical teachings, so he taught him magic, to defend himself, Until the age of 19. When he left, he took a doctors mask, a sword, and his trusty spell book. Now, he searches for fights, girls and fame. He normaly makes money by helping travelers with medical problems. (Thanks mum.) For entertianment, he normally turns to the arena. Watching Kulnraik and Ark (Wiki soon to be added) fight with eachother. When he first came to Kritana, Vualt was weak, alone, and upset. Now, he is Strong, still alone, and quite happy. Vualt generaly wears his mask to get the air of mystery, which every girl he's dated with seemed to like. His most recent 'Date' was a girl named Ariana.

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