Vitae's group symbol. Blood and water.

Vitae is a pro-human, extreme racist group. They claim that they are determined to extreminate the "pests" (referring to non-humans) from this world. They are notorious and have exterminated many political leaders who are non-human or support other speicies. A message left on a dead human politcal leader says "Even if we must spill pure blood, we will do it to purge this world from the parasites."


Their symbol is that of a water and blood droplet. Their name itself means life. Water and blood are both symbols of life, though the symbolisation of water is the cleanse this world and blood reveals that they will kill to accomplish this. A large juxtaposition of the two symbols of life.


Despite governments installing many spies within their ranks. The spies or moles rarely last a week. It is uncertain how this group operates but information sources state that there are 4 main leaders that run Vitae. There are no more information on this topic.


The group pays close attention to any human resistance against different species. Often breaking into prisons or preventing arrests of criminals that meet the criteria for joining. It is unknown whether people could apply to join though attracting attention seems to work, attracting both the attention of Vitae and authorities.

Action Against Non-HumansEdit

They tend to target non-human races capable of human-level intelligence. This means they do not target animals such as a kelper or pig. One act of terror was the murder of 25 different non-human races during a conference in Maura. No suspects have been arrested yet. They are also responsible for many bombings around the world. Even destroying a school where the majority of children were non-humans. Governments have labelled Vitae as a racist terrorist group.

Report Conducted by: SK