The group of people working for the Data Broker. They are located throughout the entire world, obtaining and relaying information back to the Data Broker. The group of agents are commonly referred to as a collective, "Tyra".

Abilities and ClassesEdit

Three Agents

Three agents, one squad.

Each agent is put into one of the three classes based on their traits:

  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Agility

Each team usually contains three agents, each one in the class above. There are some cases of exceptional agents, capable of carrying out the task alone though. They have to be adept at all three traits. All agents are required to have decent speed, agility, intelligence and strength, that is a basic requirement.


They serve as the vanguards of each team, protecting the other members or creating a distraction. They are the defending and the attacking member of the team. Required to defend the other two members as well as destroying any heavy defences in the way.


The strategist of the team, they plan and coordinate the other two. They are mostly mages with telepathy, communicating with the other two quickly, efficiently and silently. Sometimes they are required to break into peoples minds, locating the data or even destroying it.


They serve as the scout. Often going in first to locate all enemies, finding out any information necessary to the teams survival and the success of the mission. They serve as spies as well, sometimes spending a year to receive a promotion to find information on certain aspects of the mission. They sometimes go alone, sneaking past guards and other security and retrieving the data without raising any suspicions.


After every mission, each agent is "cleansed". Mages assigned by the Tyra Broker are told to enter the minds of the agents, and remove any data that the agents have recovered over the course of the mission. They are still able to remember what they were meant to look for, and how it happened. Only forgetting the data acquired. The mages are trusted agents, with several successful missions "under their belt". Higher ranking agents are also allowed to avoid the cleansing if they choose so.

Enrollment and RanksEdit

It is uncertain how an agent is chosen, most believe it is those who show exceptional skills in the three traits. The ranks are also unclear, after interrogation of several agents, they each provide different answers, contradicting one another. It is also unknown as well why each agent is so well motivated in doing their jobs, a popular belief is "brain-washing", which to a certain degree, is true.

Report Conducted by: SK