Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Tibex is a Steampunk/Magic user, though he rarely uses magic, he enjoys playing pranks on those who don't. Tibex specialises in toxins, spray-poison etc. He never leaves home without his trusty spray-poison, (Doesn't come out of a can) which is replenishable by magic. He normaly uses a curved, white sword shaped like and Ibex horn.

Basic BackstoryEdit

He was raised in Sra-Ra, a native steampunk island off to the south west of Kritana. In his later life, he moved to the Rangers Archipelago, where he studied toxins, poisons and engineering. During his time in the Archipelago, he met his brother, Rex, who had moved to study in the Archipalego's College for the Talented (ACT)

Two years later, Tibex and Rex arived in Kritana, where they decided to settle down. But not all was peaceful, as they have found out.

Statistics (Ray and Tibex)Edit


7.8ft tall, towering most. He's a powerful toxin user, who normaly keepsto himself. His animal form is a domestic cat and a blue and black streaked wolf. (Blue with black
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streaks) He normaly wears a mask, but it's because he has alot of scars from previous, shameful fights.


6.4ft tall, a slight bit smaller than Tibex. He's a deadly Claw user, impaling oppenents, who is always hitting on de' ladies. His animal form is a golden eagle and a maneless lion. He never wears a mask, becuase he just defends his face more than Tibex :P