The timeline of the world is anything but strange. However, I (drdoodlittle) will try my best to put it together. This is the timeline that I'll use in all of my RP's, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

????- The Gods were created

???-The Gods found Acundian

??-The Gods created Heaven and Hell

?-The Gods created life

5 Million Years ago-The First World was created

3 Million Years ago-The First World was destroyed and the Second World was created.

2 Million Years ago- Metals were first being used

1.8 Million Years ago-Magic was discovered and began to be learned. It wasn't elemental magic, but mostly flesh and blood magicks.

8,382 Years ago- Destruction of any records/technologies before then.

5,000 Years ago- Tools for exploration began to take root, the world began to be explored-mostly what is now the Blasted Lands

4,000 Years ago- Evidence of Archangels first appearance dated during this time.

3,700 Years ago - Records of Ark dated around this time.

2,500 Years Ago- Sub-races were discovered on distant continents

1,500 Years Ago- First awakening of Yama o Ugokasu.

1,158 Years Ago- The Blasted Lands were created-or destroyed. Now it's a barren wasteland

1,000 Years Ago- Archipalego's College for the Talented founded.

754 Years Ago- Schools of Magic and modern day countries begin to form.

750 Years Ago- University of Arcane Studies founded. Butterfly Group formed and Butterfly Project began.

600 Years Ago- Conclusive evidence for the existence of Lán Huǒ.

500 Years Ago- Cheru and Dema go into Kritana

400 Years Ago- The Eighteen Phase catastrophe occured. Maura College of Medicine founded.

300 Years Ago- Common Tongue is created for the sake of trading purposes

150 Years Ago- Spar-ra takes over Kritana, and Sectum kicks them out of Kritana, taking over. Sectum's in charge!

100 Years ago- Maura is no longer besieged by Spar-ra due to an armistice

53 Years Ago- Kritana is an official colony of Sectum

25 Years Ago- The Demon Purge. Tenshi sightings.

20 Years Ago- The Great Scourge

Present Day

The Present day is 8,382 SD (Surival of Destruction).

About 8,000 years ago, all documents and great technologies were utterly and completely destroyed during a great and terrible war between Gods. After the war, the repurcussions were so great that it split the continents (until then a giant supercontinent) up, so The Gods decided to call a truce before they had to create a Third World.