The sign of The Guild

The Guild is a group of individuals brought together for the purpose of making money. They live in an underground base next to Kritana and the graveyard. Their sign is tattooed or marked upon any member, so it's easy to tell if you're in the Guild or not.

Guild MembersEdit

The Guild Master is a drunk, and powerful mage. Crossing him is inadvisable, and you'd be unlikely to survive.

The Guild members will take any collected jobs left out on the notice board in the Guild, but will usually be drinking and hanging out until a job they want shows up. Any member can take any job, but a fraction of the money must go towards the Guild.


The Guild is open to anyone and everyone that is willing and able to join. To join you must pass a test one of the members presents to you, and get a tattoo at the Blacksmith's Room in the Guild.

Guild Master's Quote: "The Guild will accept any job, but the members won't. So we have to recruit all types of members so they'll accept all kinds of jobs."