Time PeriodEdit

The Great Scourge is a war that occured 20 years ago (1313, the current year being (1333)


The Great Scourge began in and around the Blasted Lands to get to Erinthi for its ports. However, when Spar-ra sent their soldiers, so did Sectum, Maura and Kritana. As their troops clashed in the Blasted Lands, these countries began to fight amongst themselves across the Maurin Sea.

Kritana was mostly spared, however many of her men and women fought in the war. The Castle, which the viceroy used to command in was destroyed though in one of the few battles on Kritana.

End of the ScourgeEdit

The Great Scourge was basically Sectum trying to destroy Spar-ra and vice versa. It took 10 years for it to end, and when it did end, nothing good came of it. All the nations included in the fighting were greatly weakened from The Great Scourge, and wouldn't be able to be ready to fight another war for a long while.