The First World was created 5 million years ago. For two million years, the civilizations of the First World created countless ingenuities. A few surviving texts state that the First World had running water in high places (as many rely on aquifers for running water in the Second World, this is quite a feat), energy sources that were nearly limitless, a perfect society, and of palaces larger than a small country.

However, three million years ago, the First World was destroyed. No one exactly knows what the reason was, and many try to come up with their own explanations.

What we DO knowEdit

The First World was created with a core of Acundian, the Source Metal. There was such a great amount, the Gods themselves could not remove it, so they used it for their own purposes. They used the Acundian to shape the civilizations and advance their technologies to astounding heights.

The Gods created the First World, but the Acundian core was already there to begin with.

Fragments of the First World are very rare, however they can be found in the oldest parts of the world. Sometimes they're destroeyd, but usually they're left intact because no one can find them.

Despite countless years of technological advances, the world was destroyed.

The Gods destroyed The First World AFTER the catastrophy.

Whatever destroyed the First World is likely to destroy the Second.

Remaining Fragments of the First WorldEdit