The Energians are a magic-based, powerful empire that also has developed a love for machinery. They have many factions, along with another type of Energian.

Energian HuntersEdit

The Hunters are a faction of Energian dedicated to hunting down and killing wild beasts for show, glory and fame. Most Hunters are male, although there are a few female Hunters. A Hunter takes many vows, one of which is to never marry, as the Hunters must pledge themselves wholely to the Hunt.


The Zar'Enerik are another type of Energian. Unlike their techologic cousins, Zar'Enerik prefer to focus solely on magic, not using technology or machinery. This makes them much better mages, but they also lack the Energian's cunning superiority of technology. If the two ever went to war, it'd be a stalemate. The Zar'Enerik govern themselves seperate, but if called by their cousins, will join forces, making a formidable army.


The Typhoons are another Energian faction, and an important part of their army. The Energians never developed a love for boats, as they were large, loud, and easy targets. In place of a navy, they use Typhoons. The Typhoons wear a full suit, which makes them appear larger. Their suit makes them impervious to water. The suit features a booster on the back to aid in movement underwater. A Typhoon specializes in water magic, and excel at it. Also, each Typhoon carries a set of magical explosives. This allows them to sink large ships with ease. Their boots can also grip in a magnetic way to any surface, if they so choose. A squad of Typhoons has been known to sink small fleets.

This is what a Typhoon looks like. (Ignore the two toes, the Halo: Reach Ranger elite was the closest I could get. xD)

Storm RidersEdit

As with all large armies, they need an airforce. The Storm Riders are an elite branch of Energians, who choose to master Lightning and Air magics.

Current People with Energian characters;


Class;Energian Hunter


True Name;Nav'Tuchunka'Meaxii



Class;Energian Hunter


True Name; Re'Teki'Niju



Class;Former Storm Rider, Energian Hunter


True Name;Kai'Renzu'Jikan