The Dark Ones are a manifestation of everything evil and bad in Kritana. Their bodies can be physical, or they can enter their second form, which is a mist-like wraith.

They are their most powerful at midnight, and their weakest at noon.

This is what a Dark One's mist form looks like.

They can reside outside of a mind, but they can also enter a person's mind and reside there, although they must have permission from the person's mind that is entered. Once in a mind, the person that absorbed them also gets their powers. They can use a Dark One's mana pool, which is usually large, and they also have access to the Dark One's knowledge, power, and spells. The Dark One can also use their power to defend the person that carries them. In turn, the person that boasts the Dark One has a darker nature, and is a bit more evil, as the Dark Ones are manifestations of evil in Kritana. A person can also try to force a Dark One to obey them.

Dark Ones are masters of chaos and destruction style magics. Their worst fear is also priests. If the priest has enough knowledge, they can disperse the Dark Ones. A Dark One never really dies, he/she just has to re-form once there's enough crime or bad behaviors to allow them to manifest.