Storm VI

Storm VI's head.

Storm VI


Storm VI is a metal puppet with a magical core, giving Storm VI the thinking power, manuverability and the emotions of a human. Storm VI is the last, and strongest, of the Storm project, created by the Salrians. Storm VI him/her self is rather powerful, and uses alot of magical energy, from his own core. Storm VI favores diplomancy and defensive magic for he lives by the property 'Offense is the best defence, Diplomacy wins over all,'. Storm VI does like humans, but prefers to avoid them, for he perceives as them a threat.


The Storms where created by the Salrians (See Krathein page) for the purpose of serving, diplomancy, and help in wars. The Storms where peaceful and loyal to the Salrians, until the Salrians found the endless problem of the Rouge Storm, Storm VII, who commited countless murders, offenses, and explosions.The Salrians attempted to kill the Storms, who fled to Earth, and settled down in different regions.


Storm VI, the strongest of the non-rouge Storms recides in Kritana. Storm I roams Sectum. Storm II attempts to end the wars in Spar-Ra. Storm III helps people in the Blasted Lands. Storm IV lives in the Ranger's Archipalego, and Storm V is yet to be found.