Demon Mage

A corrupted mage. (Original: Dragon Age series)

The Speculum Theory refers to the research conducted by a scholar whose name has not been recovered. This theory refers to the fact that everything is balanced, for every action there is a counter-action occuring somewhere in a space at that time. A conclusion has been drawn by the un-named scholar that multiple dimensions may exist since this dimension is too small to contain all actions and subsequent counter-actions. This theory is the fundamental basis on which the Demon Theory is based upon.

Different LawsEdit

Energy levels could vary from dimension to dimension. The fundamental rules for this worlds existance may be completely warped and distorted in the next. This has raised speculations about energy harvesting and traversing dimensions. The collision of several dimensions would have to be forced however for energy to be obtained or an object to pass through. The force of the collision, the "rebound" and the energy seeping through contact would release a large amount of energy that would be highly destructive. It could also be harvested but incorrect procedures resulted in the Eighteen Phase 400 years ago.

Magic ExperimentationEdit

Mages have been experimenting tapping into different dimensions with varied results. Archmages have been mutated into various demonic forms and had to be put down and others driven mad. Mage volunteers have mostly been specialised in a certain field of magic, it is uncertain how different mages perform. Since then experimentation has been suspended. Though there have been reports of mages tapping into unknown sources of energy for various effects in battle. The contact between dimensions would leave this world and any other in contact extremely vunerable. Dimensions do not stack up but any indirect contact with another could result in "leaking" from that dimension. This could mean anything could enter our dimension. Investigation continues.

Report Conducted by: SK