Spar-ra isn't just aggresive. It's heavily militant. They hate EVERYONE.

Relations with Surrounding CountriesEdit

They were longtime enemies with Kritana, and conquered them. However, Sectum quickly stepped in and drove them out of Kritana, so now Spar-ra is enemies with Sectum and Kritana. They'll do just about anything to regain control over Kritana. This includes murder, assassinations, bribery, drug cartels, and many more. Their country is a dirty one, and don't even buy glass for their structures. They're mostly tribal and savage, and will overcome with ferocity what their numbers can not.


Many historians and scholars agreed that a powerful artifact called Nosferatu's Siphon is located somewhere in Spar-ra. As of now they are unaware of its presence, and hopefully it will stay that way.