He is a bulky man, fitted with spiked gauntlets, a tunic, straps running up the legs and boots. His shoulder guards are long and spiked and the skull of some beast has been fashioned into a helmet. Two straps run across his chest from either side of his body.


Shao Kahn appears in his normal form as described above and his Rage Form. This gives full body armour, all black. His eyes are deep green and two hammers, burning with green fire. When he walks he leaves a small trail of green fire.

Powers & WeaponsEdit

Shao Kahn uses soul magic. He absorbs the souls of his opponents, and morphs their power into his own. His magic is a green energy. It comes in many forms such as Soul Spears (Long & deadly spears made from green energy) Soul Balls (Balls of Green Energy, can stun and temporarily cripple) etc. But he also has his incredible strength. He can tear and crush skulls without a problem, snap ribs, etc. His main melee weapon is his hammer. He usually floods it with soul energy to give it that extra boost. With a good toss, it can take a mans head off cleanly. He is an excellent hand to hand fighter and his magic keeps him young and nourished.


Shao Kahn was once a normal man who despised all fighting, power and any type of magic. This was before the War God butchered his family and snapped his mind for his hatred of him and his disrepsect to all Gods of Combat. Shao Kahn adapted Soul Magic from pitiful mages who shared his hate of the War God. In return for their genoricity, he killed his mentors and took their souls and powers for his own. Filled with rage, he slaughtered all he came by and took their souls, becoming stronger as he went along. He found his love for a hammer, when he began to take part in Arena Games. Becoming champion so many times, he grew bored of the weak fighters and challenged the host. The host accepted this, not knowing Shao Kahns true power. He was slaughtered and Shao Kahn took his title and soul. Now taking the Arena as his own, he absorbs the spirits of many each day, becoming stronger and stronger.
Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn with his Hammer.