Roxan without her black lipstick on

Roxan is the Draconis Alma of Toxins/Poisons. This character is no longer canon. Read comments for information.


Roxan is a dark girl, who likes dead things and temper. She's a mean girl, and she's only nice when she wants to be, or when that someone is a friend. She drinks raw, weak poison as a suppliment for ale, water and such. As she is allergic to most other liquids. She is shut off from most of the world, and doesn't have many freinds. She doesn't know any other DA but Lucia (DA of spirit) and Aero (DA of fire.)


She normaly wears green, because thats the color of poison :P, whether that be denim, or her top. When she's cold she wears the typical DA trenchcoat, hers being with green flames.


She was found by Venenum, the dragon god of poison, at the age of 8, which is a bit late in comparison to other DA's like Palaven, who where found when they where young. Venenum took an interest in Roxan because she was found stood by a body, chuckling, with a poisoned dagger in a sheath. She's a very...disturbed girl.


To this very day, she enjoys tormenting passer-by, and sometimes, Lucia, (DA of spirit) her most recent tormentation was telling Lucia how Siwang has pushed two more girls over before him (Palaven->Aqua-> Lucia) and that she's next (Siwang won't be happy.)