What a deserted part of the Archipelago looks like

The Ranger's Archipelago is a geographical feature that rests east of Kritana in the Maurin Sea. The cluster of islands are about a week's journey away from Kritana, and a month away from Sectum. It houses a renowned school for mages, but is less renowned and worthy than Sectum's School of Magic.

The archipelago was created through volcanic activity throughout the region long ago, and created an island paradise. They have litte vegetation, but the water is clear, as is the sky. It is one of the most pure places in the Maurin sea, and the harbors are actually filled with FRESH water. No one knows how the water surrounding the islands aren't contaminated with salt, but because of this unusual phenomenon, several temples have been built there, dedicated to the purity of the Earth and Sea.

Walking MountainEdit

Yama o Ugokasu currently is in hibernation on one of the islands in this region.