Raizyr Xicio

Raizyr Xicio

Raizyr Xicio


Raizyr is an agile 13 year old boy who uses a very slick, light Granite and Diamond thread. Raizyr has grey-white hair, and a long black coat which he favours. He currently has a crush on Kitty/Kathy, and she has a crush back..


Raizyr was a bullied boy, at school and by his bigger brother, Blade Xicio. Raizyr then left from his father's manor in Sectum, and arrived in Kritana, where he met Kitty/Kathy.


Raizyr now lives by his brothers saying;Life is a race, and everybody is behind me, execpt those who I love, they are beside me, He does enjoy messing with people, he likes throwing eggs and such, at people under him when he's on the mountain. Everyday, he sits on the mountain and waits, then talks, to Kitty/Kathy.

Raizyrs's ThemeEdit

Raizyr Xicio's theme

Raizyr Xicio's theme.

Raizyr's Theme.