Hey people. It's Blowbrickss. Figure I'd post a page about my latest main, here goes.

Background and OccupationEdit

Nzhgvi is a warrior-asssassin that used to be a gladiator. Known as cold to many, he is often sought after by many high-ranking nobles for contracts. He is very young, by years, but as he is a mix of the Zar'Enerik
High Council Member Kaisar, the Krig named Shadowstalker, the Sahin-Kurt hunter named Zeal, and the Kraetian Knight Terran, he is more powerful than anyone of his age. Appearing to be in his early teens, he has a build that speaks much otherwise.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

He stands at 6'1, and is thickly muscled. He has a bronze tan, borne of his Kraetian blood, stormcloud grey eyes, from his Krig counterparts, and amazing balance and the ability to remain extremely silent comes from his Sahin-Kurt blood.


He is also a great magician, as his Zar'Enerik blood granted him great magical ability. He favors pshycic magic, attacking an enemy's mind. Once inside, he destroys them.


He uses a special set of gauntlets that boast claws and tonfas, but they can be summoned or dismissed at his whim. Nzhgvi is extremely good at close quarter combat (CQC), but if he is bested, he will resort to attacking a foe's mind, and destro

This is something of what Nzhgvi's tonfas are like.

ying them that way. He also has a battle-rage that he can go into, as his mix of bloods is strange. In this rage, he barely feels pain, is much stronger than usual, and much more brutal. He has been known to tear off limbs in this state.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Nzhgvi, known to many as a dark murderer, is actually a nice person as well.

Lyra and DentonEdit

He is engaged to the half-panther half-human Lyra. He has often said that she stole his heart, and kept it. His motivation while on his campaigns as an assassin is a small, blue diamond fairth of Lyra. (A fairth is a magical picture.) Among those who see his nicer side is Denton, Kritana's most respected and well-known bounty hunter. Nzhgvi, though, is more well-known in the underground workings of Kritana, preferring to stay out of the public eye. Denton has been one of Nzhgvi's best friends since he found Nzhgvi sitting on his front steps, confused and very much alone. Although Denton hasn't taught him much, he is one of Nzhgvi's closest friends because he was nice, if you will, to Nzhgvi before Nzhgvi figured out how he came to be. [See Denton by LordTecton]

Alternate FormEdit

He also has another form, Zmtvi, which means Anger in Runic. In this form, he is extremely deadly and insane, almost twenty times as powerful as his battle-rage.

This is what his Anger form looks like.