This refers to an artifact created by the gods. It is uncertain which god does this legend mention but the name Nosferatu (meaning vampire) has been applied to this artifact.


Scholars and historians have been debating for decades what physical appearance does the siphon take. A popular theory is that it takes the form of the dagger or a blade, able to pierce the physical body and absorb the life essence. Science is no closer to discovering what it's true purposes are or how it might even work.


It was first recorded by in a book containing runes rather than letters discovered 2500 years ago. It took centuries to decipher the book and it reads as follows:

"It's power is immense and it can bring down gods and civilisations. Our elder has taken it into his possession and now is consumed by it. I must get it back. The siphon."

There were no more entries after that but a few pages before hand describes the intricate detail of the siphon. Describing it as gold in colour with markings that resemble nothing seen before. Its powers have not been specified or stated. Though by the descriptions and the elders "consumption". Some scholars believe its powers are unwholesome and the siphon should forever be lost.

Location TheoriesEdit

Scholars have narrowed down the locations believing the siphon is located in Spar-ra. However there are no conclusive evidence and due to the Spar-ra nature no information has been acquired. Information of the sihpon cannot be leaked to them in the case that they would take the siphon and launch another attack on Kritana and a campaign against everyone.

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