Mortis Calvaria (Commonly known as Mort Syndrome) is a deadly disease that healers and scholars believe to have been originated from aqua based bacteria. At first benign, they showed absolutely no symptons to those affected but rapid mutation of these virus cells have lead to the following:


  • Weakness of the skeletal system, loweration of Bone Mineral Density (Primarily calcium). The affects similar to Osteoporosis, but much more sudden and devastating.
  • Rapid degradation of bodily cells, seems to affect the cerebral region the most.
    • Cell degredation of lungs cause blood to clot the alveoli, affects similar to tuberculosis.
    • Degradation of light sensitive cells in the eye (retina) causes blindness.
    • Degradation of other sensors (e.g. pressure, temperature, pain, taste).
    • Degradation of the nervous system results in the general loss of bodily function.


So far only a few species seem to have developed immunity to this disease primarily the elven race. Strong immune system and efficient at replacing lost cells means that they appear to forestall the effects of Mortis Calvaria.

Scholars also believe that mages capable of altering their form are capable of stopping the effects of this disese. Though so far, no mages have developed this disease. Affects on mages cannot be studied.

Believed to be non-contagious, apparent that only races with a large water percentage (over 80%) are most susceptible to this disease. Only 12 reported cases of this disease and subsequent deaths. Very rare.


Currently there are no cures to Mort Syndrome. Therapy proves ineffective and a medication has yet to be discovered.

Report Conducted by: SK