A basic anime picture of what Mona would look like in human form.

(Well, no promises this will turn out good. This character belongs to iChelsea.)


Mona is a part of a very rare species. She is an encantado, which is in other words another type of shapeshifter. Encantados are sea snakes who live near the Encante, their home. Mona was raised to follow the Encantado ways of life and to pursue their one mission, to lure humans to the sea for unknown purposes. Mona was washed into the river in Kritana after a storm, and has been their for several years. One day, she decided to use her human form to explore Kritana on her own. As she met some people along the way, she has learned a lot from her experiences and is still learning herself.


Mona appears to be innocent, but what you see isn't always what they seem. She thinks that she is a monster, which is partially true. Other than that, Mona is a very bright person and sometimes brings out the best in most people.


Ain/Blue: Mona spends most of the time with Ain (To some, he is known as Blue). She goes to him when she needs to ask a question, and has shown only a small amount of feelings for him.

Ellie: Mona lives with Ellie in one of the houses in Kritana. In a way, they consider themselves siblings.

Mona is meeting more and more people everyday. There will be more to add to this list later.