The College of Medicine is located in Maura. They provide exceptional courses in potential doctors and surgeons. Providing courses that increase understanding of prescriptive drugs, pathogens that cause illness and disease, the anatomy of races and various courses that relate to medicine. Bio-engineering was introduced 10 years ago and is proven to be successful in the medical world.


Founded by the Maura government 400 years ago, a large funds to build a university that provides excellent courses for prospective students around the world.


Previously only providing courses to traditional and modern medicine. They started including sensory magicks within the courses. As they are highly effective at locating pains and injuries. They produce high quality medics and scholars to this day.


They contain their own research and development facility that discovers more efficient methods of curing. Also researching various methods to detect illnesses earlier and curing it, this includes using magicks as well as medicine or surgery. The Maura Government claims they will never assign research intended for harm.


Prospective medical students would have to send a completed application form to the university. They will examine previous records also and select the best students based on IQ, adaptability and the ability to cope with stress. The students are required to remain within study for 8 years, by the end they are expected to understand all concepts taught to them.

Report Conducted by: SK