The Mana Well is rumored to be the source of all Mana in the world. It has an everlasting supply of mana, and will restore any mana burn to any Mage, and increase their mana reserves.

Quest for the Mana WellEdit

Many people who go searching for the Mana Well never find it, but there are few that don't return at all.

Many expeditions have been made all over the Maurin sea, and no trace of it has been found. All texts agree that the Mana Well MUST come from the area of the Maurin Sea, and it would explain many strange occurrences (Descending of Cheru, Blasted Lands, etc.). However, just because no one has found it before doesn't mean it doesn't exist, right?


Scholars can agree that the Mana Well is older than the world itself, as other celestial bodies may be affected by mana, but they do not radiate it as the earth does. Many of the worlds' most powerful mages come from the Maurin Sea, so it is estimated that the Mana Well resides in this area.

Why the Mana Well was made is anyone's guess. Some believe that the Gods created it so mortals could be enlightened. Others say otherwise and believe that the Gods came from the Mana Well (however Gods use their own abilities and not magic, so this theory might be false.). Other scholars even say that earlier, more powerful races created the Well as an energy source. However, after the destruction of the First World, any texts relating to the origin of the Mana Well, or its location has been lost.