Based on Kyrin's principle, a instrument developed in Prog, the team of scholars and mages recieved a large funding by the government to develop the instrument. They were tasked with creating a instrument that could detain mages, the inhibitors have been highly effective.


Usually the mage gathers the magic matter called "mana", within their brains, "ordering specific tasks to be carried out". This is then "expelled" from the brain/limbs where it does this. However, an inhibitor (usually a collar) draws the mana that the mage attempts to manipulate. The mana is prevented from reaching the brain and absorbed into the inhibitor where it is expelled as heat, sound or any other form of energy.


Usually a archmage and several specialist equipments are used in the manufacturing process. The collar is simply made of leather or metal where the mana is removed from them, preventing manipulation of the collar and increasing its ability to re-absorb the mana. The materials are very cheap but it often takes several days to make. The equipment are expensive and a mage with enough power, willing to create the instrument are hard to come by, it is exclusively developed by the Ppogan, only a few non-progans have learnt how to create an inhibitor. All these factors drives the price up.

Two Types of Magic InhibitorsEdit

Normal InhibitorEdit

The normal inhibitor simply absorbs the mana and expels it as sound (kinetic) energy usually. The sound was developed to warn the captors that the mage is attempting to escape or fight, and there is no other way to expel the mana that won't harm the mage.

Punishment InhibitorEdit

These are usually more expensive and takes longer to manufacture. The absorbed energy is released as sound (kinetic) energy but also another type that would cause pain to the captive. This is usually electric or heat. The intensity can vary, the larger the intensity, the longer it takes to make and the more expensive it is. The inhibitor could also be created to drain the body of most of the mana, causing great fatigue and pain, similar to lactic acid build up.

Death InhibitorEdit

Due to mages being dependant on mana to sustain their life, it is possible to completely absorb all the mana from the mages body. The mana cannot be replenished quickly enough resulting in the death of the mage.

Report Conducted by: SK