A study conducted by a doctor by the name of Solus Kyrin. The investigation has lead to the conclusion that there is a particle or matter that interacts with every object in this world down to the sub-atomic particles. Scientists have labelled it a "sub-sub-atomic" particle. This matter (for the purposes of reference) is called the magic matter, this have been given the name of "mana". Scientists have still not found conclusive evidence of its existence, though in theory it should exist. It has been adopted and accepted worldwide becoming a fundamental rule in explaining how magic works scientifically.


It is believed that the mana exists around every particle in existence. Mages are able to interact with the mana, manipulating its shape and movement and therefore the particle that it is "attached" to. When a mage interacts with the mana. A large concentration of mana gathers within the brain. This is the "expelled" from the brain to the object, carrying out the desired affect. Usually it travels down the body and is "expelled" via the limbs, hence why mages point their hands at the object. Vigorous and numerous testing still does not offer any theory or hypothesis on how the "expelled" mana does this. Scientists are unsure whether certain particles have different types of mana, if that is the case, it would explain how certain mages are only able to manipulate certain elements or objects.


It is possible to remove mana from particles and objects. This means restrictive designs (e.g. prisons or chains) have been developed that are capable of imprisoning mages. The mana could also be redirected by enchanted instruments, usually in the shape of a collar. These are called magic inhibitors, they directly prevents mages from interacting and utilising the mana within their bodies or other objects they are in contact with.

Report Conducted by: SK