Kritanian AdministrationEdit

This team is made to ensure that all the players are represented fairly while roleplaying. There are a few branches of the Administration team-and of which are completely and understandably important in their very own special way.


The curent admins are:







As admins, these players have their own rules to follow. These rules will be posted soon for all to see, so everyone knows the power and limitations of a Kritanian Admin.

If you are an admin, please write your own page or so mething for yourself so people know to identify you. Maybe even a little side note in those huge spaces above? A quote? Advice?

Admins in TrainingEdit

This is a little project that was first proposed by LordTecton. The way it works is this: If we find you notably awesome in any way shape or form, then you're up for becoming an Admin in Training. There are currently no AiT's, however they are currently pushing for them sooner than later.

How to become an AdminEdit

Every once in a while, an admin test will be held. Whether you pass the test or not dictates your place in the Administration team-if you make it at all.


Builders are perhaps the most important piece of Kritana. They build the structures that everyone rp's in. How could we possibly ignore their significance?

The builders include DrDoodlittle and a number of other players, mostly including the Admin team. If you want credit for something, then you should post up a page for the building you helped create and all the people involved in creating it. The building MUST be implemented in Kritana for you to claim credit however.


Well, Dood is Dood. DrDoodlittle. If you don't know me, then you don't know the Creator of Kritana. I've come a long way from where I started, and I couldn't have gotten here without all of you guys. I'm overjoyed that so many people go to my place for their roleplays. It's quite humbling. At this point in time: April 8, 2012, Kritana has been visited 8,467 times and has been favorited 158 times since it's creation-which was on May 27, 2010.

Every visit is a compliment.

Former AdminsEdit

These are admins that are no longer with us, either by choice or by necessity.


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