A character created by Jessica5991. She is the Draconis Alma of Sound.


Her true name is "Katherine Kyrus" not many people know this.


She rarely discloses information on her past life or family. Though she implies that the loss of her voice was due to a superstitous family before being adopted by Nero.


In the picture. She has blonde hair and green eyes. She has a blue ribbon tying her hair up. She seems to have an emotional attachment to it, refusing to be parted from it.


She treats everyone with obvious trust during first meetings. Though her views may change through various conversations or talks. She has no close family and therefore shows everyone the same kindness they show her.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


Her weapon is a silver staff. At both ends there is an extending blades made of glass that resembles arrows, both of which can be removed and replaced. She has many of these glass arrows stored on her incase she needs to replace one. She seems quite capable at using this light, long-ranged weapon in combat. It is surprisingly light, made up of an unknown
Silver Staff

Her Silver Staff, both ends have an extending blade.

metal alloy. Her style of fighting is focused around quick, fast strikes while avoiding enemies. Though it is clear against veteran soldiers, she has little chance of victory alone.

Communication, Sound and "Voice"Edit

She communicates to people using the staff, it vibrates generating a high pitched noise, which she then adjusts the frequency and other sound properties to match her original voice. Obviously she could easily change various properties of a sound wave to sound like anyone or most things. Even without her staff she could improvise with anything that produces a sound, also capable of vibrating air molecules but it requires a lot more effort and concentration. Being the Draconis Alma of Sound, Kathy can hear much higher or lower sound frequencies than an average human. Her communication normally resounds around the people she's talking to. Also capable of silencing other people or directing her "speech" to certain people in a group.
Top Emotional Osts Of All Times Lost My Pieces

Top Emotional Osts Of All Times Lost My Pieces

Kitty's Theme, also the melody that plays in her Music Box.

Death and LoveEdit

When she first arrived into Kritana, she met a boy named Raizyr. They quickly became friends, and Kitty began to develop feelings for him. She soon became fustrated, believing it was unrequited and planned to confess, going as far as to create a peaceful melody and "sealing" it inside a small ornate box. The music plays when the box is open with a small rotating crystalline flower inside. On the way to the mountain, Zephyr intercepted and killed her by stabbing her heart. Her body is missing.