The Ichizoku Enchanting Language is, as its name suggests, a Language specifically designed to Enchant different objects and such. It was made by the Ichizoku.


The Language is used to Enchant items to do the user's bidding. It was one of the most versatile and powerful language of its time, and is still a powerful one compared to other Enchanting Languages. For the Ichizoku, it was used as part of their daily life styles, for their technology consisted of items Enchanted to a great extent, like automation.


All the members of the Ichizoku who were able to use magic learned the Enchanting Language until they spoke it fluently. The Enchanting Language was the Ichizoku's proud invention. They Enchanted the Language itself with the Language, so that whoever is not full of Ichizoku Blood may not understand or read the Language. It would only appear as gibberish and scribbles to non-Clanmembers.