Heaven is known by humans to be a calm place of rest after death. A haven from the poor world below and a sanctuary for their souls to rest for all eternity.

This is true.

However, the "Human" part of Heaven only takes about 10% of the entire place. 50% is occupied by the Cheru, and the remaining 40% is occupied by the Gods.

Where IS Heaven?Edit

Heaven is on another plane entirely. The Gods uphold the strongest universal wall imaginable, so no intruders can break in. The only way to get to Heaven is to die and be approved to be sent there, or if you're a Cheru and you're returning home.

Any other ways?Edit

The only way you can get in is if you're a Cheru, or if you're dead.

Not even portals?Edit

No. You'd have to have the power to rival all the Gods that reside in the Heavens.

Well I could-Edit

ALL the Gods. Not just one minor one, ALL THE GODS. You wouldn't even be able to sneak in. They'll sense your presence. Not to mention the hundreds of THOUSANDS of Cheru that live up there, and don't even get me started on the three Archangels.

What happens when you're in Heaven?Edit

Your body will rot on the earth and your soul will reside in the 10% of Heaven in which all holy human souls reside. Purgatory and Hell are not on this plane, and are in their own plane with the same type of walls and protections Heaven has.

What happens to a mortal soul in Heaven is that their soul is taken and stored in what is called the Valley. The Valley is in an idyllic place, from what accounts tell. Details are not exactly known, but the experiences from the resurrected describe the place as "Perfect". Cheru describe the Valley as one of the noisiest places in existance, most likely from the blissful happiness.

What goes on in Heaven?Edit

Heaven is by far one of the most politically unstable and terribly structured places in the multiverse. The Archangels and Gods are supposed to lead Heaven, however they decided to put the Cheru in charge. Because of this, countless Cheru (and groups of Cheru) try to take control.