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The land of [Empty for now] is a country heavily invested in imported goods. There is only one religion, and that is aethism, yet they use magic. Like Prog, there is a council. This one consist of the Civilan Councilor, the Emperor, Head of Military, Head of Research and High Archmage. They are not on a campaign agaisnt anything, as they now invest in their homeland. And such, meaning they are a country that cares for the population . They do not have close connections with Kritana, but with other contries. Maura insipred them to build their society, and they did. Alot of rumors say this land were for the rich and powerful, but it started out as a warzone for each culture for themselves.


The population has been counted as 967.800. The population is ordinary, as it's society is based on the imported goods. The populations are human, elven, other. Most of the population works as vendors, farmers, fishers and builders. The population has always been treated nicely since 900 years ago. Most the money liquided goes to the imported goods and more. And they grow by the second. Most of the population devotes themselves to the military. There are tons of events in each city. Orchestras perform, and there are theatres for the civilians entertainment.


Most of the money comes from naval trade. Each harvest [Empty for now] collects, goes 70% to other countries. The money earned liquideds to imported goods, for example food. Incase this fails a year, the mages are more then needed to give the population food. Most of the money is liquided every year to the population. The military doesn't use much of the money, as they have mages to conjure food and water.


Their navy conists of 54 dreadnaughts, 672 frigates, 987 transport ships and 34 hangar vessels. The army is made of 340.000, and plus army corps, 560.000, 65.000 are seamen. Their airforce consists of 391 dragons, and 932 pilots. Most have been disabled in the line of duty. Ground forces are consistent of 34.000 horses, 340.560 soldiers, and 346 transports.

The Shipyard of Corsair and the University of [Empty for now]Edit

The shipyard of Corsair is a large shipyard. It can store the entire navy, and 30% more. The shipyard was buildt 349 years ago when [Empty for now] was at war. It is currently building 3 dreadnaughts and 1 hangar vessel.

The university of [Empty for now] teaches engineering, magic and alchemy. This unversity is only for pure [Empty for now]. The university was buildt on ruins of a large ancient city. It now holds 10.900 students and 4000 teachers. The students learn by practicing with eachother.