Legendary sword, God Slayer.

The name "God Slayer" was given to the sword wielded by a great leader, who lead his men against the Gods of Chaos and Corruption. The sword was said to have slain the Gods with one mighty sweep, rending the essence of the Gods, and absorbing the essence.


The edges of the blade is similar to that of an ordinary broad sword. However absorbing the essence of the Gods of Corruption and Chaos has warped its appearance, black veins wrapped around the handle and up the middle of the blade. Believed to be created from Acundian, giving it the great attributes to slay a God.


The Gods of Chaos and Corruption were said to have revolted against the other Gods. However Gods of War soon realised that one God cannot slay another. Forging a sword that could tear the essence from an immortal, it was "bestowed" upon a great swordsman of the time, knowing that the mortal would be corrupted, they did not foresee any other consequences of their selfish actions. The wielder of the blade was shortly driven mad after the battle, his mind warped and twisted. The wielder soon took the place as the sole God of Destruction, Chaos and Corruption. The war of the Gods still rages on, all Gods have vowed not to include mortals within the battle. Though it is uncertain how long that promise will last. It is widely believed that the God of Destruction still wields this blade in his battle for supremacy over all beings, mortal and immortal.

Report Conducted by: SK