The elements of the world can be listed into the groups below:

​Fire     These are

​Water    the five

​Earth    Elements



Each of these groups have their own subgroups.





Unknown-Completely comprised of subgroups

Even these groups have their own subgroupsEdit





​Unknown-Needs a page of its own

How does this tie into magic? Why do you need to know this?Edit


Healing magic correlates to Unknown, which in itself includes Flesh, Necromancy, and many more. An entire WEB could be made of all the types of magicks, but they'd all eventually be tied into these four five elements. For simplicity's sake, I will list each of the five elements and what they include in themselves.

A VERY important note-There is a point where some elements will intervene with one another.

EXAMPLE: Fire>Light>Shadow>Illusion<Sensory<Air

Therefor, a Pyromancer and an Aeromancer can both learn Illusion magic-and with some practice, maybe the other element itself.


Fire in itself makes Light.

Light (Or the lack of) creates shadow.

Shadow creates night-which means Fire directly correlates to magic that changes the time of day.

Being within shadow and light means that Astromancy can be tied in here as well.

As fire is a destructive force-and shadow is a malevolent one-this means Fire is also responsible for Decay.

Anything that is caused by fire, that includes fire, or that can be related to fire is BASED ON THE ELEMENT OF FIRE.


Water can create Ice or Steam. It is a very VERY flexible force. Steam can be tied into Air quite easily, which means Water is related to Air, which in turn is related to Fire.

Water elements do not include healing-that is the field of the Unknown element.