Black knight

Drake, with the star-fire crossbow

Drake is a member of The Order of the Black Comet, ranking Lord Knight. His ancestors founded the guild and, being the oldest child, was passed down the favored relics of the guild.


He has Enserric, the sword, the Cape of the Comet, and the armor set. He also has the star-fire crossbow, which creates and then fires bolts made from the comet. which was all made from different parts of the comet the guild was named after. He is 28 years old right now, and is extremely matured for his age, putting the guild before everything else. He is loyal, skilled, and a generally good leader.


Underneath his set of armor is a 6'6, medium-large build, skilled warrior. Under his helm he has a face that seems to have been chizeled from stone. He walks and stands with perfect posture, never slouching. When he moves he marches as if he is always on a mission of the most importance. He is a rather terrifying man to think about fighting with, and his weapons do not help boost courage in battle.


His skin is grey and covered in different scars. The color of his eyes, the same as all of his ancestors, are a dark grey, almost black. They seem are harsh and cold. His hair is short, close cropped and silver, looking like slightly blued steel. All in all he is a rather handsome man, if you can get past the scars and harsh, comanding look in his eyes.


Drake has little room in his life for love, and avoids it because it can get in the way of work. If one of his friends were to change into that of a demon, he would have to kill him. Allowing emotions to get the better of you is one of the most deadly mistakes you can make. He is a fanatic and will sacrifice anything, even his own life, for the guild.

End Edit

Drake was killed in a duel, as was his brother Rodrick. The Order lasted for a few more centuries, then eventually died off, all of its great relics falling into legend and myth.