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Dotrox is an insanely old wizard who was born when the new world was made. He is the last of his race, known to the average human as 'The Old Ones'.


Dotrox had once lived in the lands that are now constantly scourged by the spawns of hell. He was forced to flea his family's manor when his father and two brothers died defending it. Dotrox wandered the world for thousands of years before finding the perfect spot to start back up, Kritana. He spent the next 5,000 years not only magically moving their manor, but the mountain it was on. He only wanted to be able to live out the rest of his life watching over a city as he one had, but he recieved nothing close to peace and quiet.


He has been tasked with leading defenders and halting not one but two major invasions. When his half brother, Ukkonen came along, them and another powerful mage started up a guild located inside of the manor.

Death and ReturnEdit

Dotrox has recently befallen the bane of his race, insanity. He has realised his full potential and tried to make the people once again believe his race to be a race of gods. In doing this he almost destroyed the city, had it not been for his half brother, his nephew, Calaviere, and Arch. They managed to stop him and his ancient summons, but had no choice but to kill him. After he was dead they learned that he can magically walk through the halls of the dead and the physical world through his manor. He is not physically alive, but his spirit can take a near physical form and still walk the lands. Now Dotrox is finally living out his days, or rather, years, in his manor.

End Edit

After countless years of roaming his now empty manor, Dotrox finallhy ascended to the heavens, never to return.