The Demon Theory is based largely on the Speculum Theory. A professor by the name of Seris Fenrir believed that the dimensions stated in the Speculum Theory could easily be accessed by non-magical beings. Being a non-mage himself he used various technology old and new to pinpoint the strongest signal. It is uncertain what this signal is as Seris was driven mad by his pursuit and ultimately died. Much of the information were derived from his journal which he wrote during his investigations.

Location and PortalEdit

The signal in which the professor found strongest was located in the desert caves (Now referred to as the Labryinth). Archeologists have uncovered the cave systems that were described within the journal. Though teams of explorers were unsuccessful in locating the "mirror" described by Seris.

"It is beautiful. It has an iridescent sheen that reflects and refracts all light that passes through it. I am unable to see what is on the other side and only my reflection is visible. The surroundings on its surface is shown as a silvery sillhouette. It looks like water yet its substance is gas."

By his description scholars assume that this "mirror" is in fact a portal. However it differs in that it can traverse time and dimension.


In his journal the next entry states that the world on the "other side" the world was different. The dominant colours were non-existant and that the beings were warped and mutated monstrosities. The next entry has been kept from the public and further information cannot be disclosed. However he described these creatures similar to the corrupted mages he observed, tapping into other dimensions.


Many people have become doubtful of his actual findings. Believing he could have been made or just desiring fame in some form. Though his consequent death is very similar to natural causes that we cannot assume that some factors beyond mortal control has played its part in the deterioration of his physical and mental being.

Some possible explanations:

  • Natural gases secreted within the caves were at an unnaturally high concentration during Seris investigations. Which lead to hallucinations or brain damage.
    • Oxygen levels could have been low, leading to oxygen starvation that could result in brain damage or hallucinations. Same conclusion drawn with carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • He could have previously suffered from a mental disorder that induces hallucinations such as schizophrenia.

Report conducted by: SK