This is Deamon weaving a spell. His wings are hidden and he doesn't show them much.

Deamon is a Cheru (unknown of which class he resides in the Cheru Hierarchy). He has white wings and pale skin. He almost obsessively writes in his book to "document" them, although what he's documenting them for is still unknown as well.

Origins and KnowledgeEdit

He claims that his sister brought him to Kritana a while ago, but no exact date is given. He has a vast knowledge of languages and magicks.

Any language that is out there is most likely learned and spoken by Deamon.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

He usually wears dark scholarly robes, and has pale skin. He has purple eyes and disheveled, curly, dark hair.

He'll be quite emotionless around people he doesn't know, although his emotions show themselves more often than not. He tries his best to cover up his emotions, but can't help with a comedic (in his opinion, "comedic") comment.

Magicks and BookEdit

He knows of every spell in the schools of magicks, but he will not cast the higher level spells usually. He is also an expert enchanter, and will enchant equipment if asked to do so.

He doesn't seem to have that much of a moral problem when recording in his book, and will say that he "already has one of those" or "Already inspected the anatomy" which hints to a dissection of the person (whether it be while they're alive or dead.)

The most noticable feature about Deamon isn't his knowledge, but rather of his "magic". This skill seems to change the gravity of an object, both inorganic and organic. He will raise his hands (whether this is for concentration or habit) before he begins. Then, something will happen. This "something" usually is his magic. He uses it to keep bodies together and mending bones, to crush hearts and brains and to do day-to-day tasks. He'll even use it for transportation (sometimes he prefers it over his wings).

This "magic" isn't classified in any type of school and doesn't seem to tire him at all. Not only is this strange, but it hints that he can use it at will and it will cause him no penalty whatsoever. This ALSO means that it might not even be magic at all (which Deamon claims is "an ability"). But if it isn't magic...what is it?


After a near-death experience, Deamon will transform into the Archangel of Law. Deamon is actually a project that the Archangel worked on. The AoL (archangel of law, since typing it is a bitch) has wiped his own memory to experience everything in the world, and when the time comes, he will correct all the errors that he encountered on the way. He did this without his God's approval, and if ever discovered, would most likely lose his Archangel status.

He is currently normal, thanks to getting his ass handed to him by Nyx, and is in possession of his book once again.