This is his human form.

Corgul is one of the oldest and most powerful necromancers alive.

Appearance and WeaponsEdit

He wears dark purple robes with green pulsing gems dotting it. His hood covers his head and a mask covers his mouth and nose.


His staff, which is in the shape of a pentagram, has green electric bolts constantly pulsating from each corner into the center. The staff can change into a scythe on his command, and tears through almost any material. Corgul constantly carries his own modified version of the Necronomicon on his person.


Constantly following him is his pride and joy, Matrick, a massive abomonation made from hundreds of bodies. It's about ten feet tall and four feet wide, made entirely from bones and flesh. It does not think but to follow the master's orders. In addition to his hulking creation he can raise the dead at will. His own personal servant is Cragar, who is an extremely short man with a horrible limp. He basically digs up graves and calls his master's minions. As for the other minions there are the basic skeletons, corpses raised from long ago, with all flesh already decayed off, zombies, more fresh, and Necromen. Necromen are corpses raised literally as the person dies. Then, before they can rot, Corgul conducts a secret ritual which makes them into super soldiers. They become faster, stronger and more vicious than they were in life. Their skin hardens and becomes bony, as well as growing horns made from bone. Finally Corgul enchants whatever armor they were wearing so it changes into that of what he calls necrometal. Basically its just a stronger version of steel.

Magic Edit

His offensive magic consists of death rays, death fire, and cold magic. He isn't as good at the offensive spells, but is more than capable. You know he's coming because a small flock of large crows follows him. Now, if you actually manage to best him you're in for a surprise. Because in death he turns into a Lich, even more powerful than before.In this form he will search for another body, take it, and continue to live his unlife. He wears the robes to hide the fact that the body he uses usually becomes horribly aged, blotted with black marks, and is generally a sign for witch hunters. (To be continued)

End Edit

Finally, after bringing up an undead army at a futile attempt to ravage Kritana, Corgul disappeared, and was never seen again, Rumor has it somone killed  him with a fish