Countless races inhabit the Second World. All races are created by The Gods, and have been created for either a purpose, or for the hell of it. All races are neutral in their own nature, unless their entire race is (usually) hostile towards another (Example: Angels and Demons).

Rules on Creating a RaceEdit

  1. All races are free to be edited as I wish.
  2. All races can be deleted by me as I wish.
  3. No race can be ONLY for a certain group of people. Anyone can choose to be anything at any time. Keep that in mind.
  4. You can use your own races in the game without putting them on the wiki. So if you have a race that you'd rather keep secret, DON'T PUT IT ON THE WIKI
  5. You MUST tell me before you create a race. If not, then I will delete it until you come to me.
  6. Your race must be put under the "Races" Category I have supplied here.


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