Creatures inhabit the world, which cannot be listed under Human or Animal. These creatures that are too strange for such labels are known as Creatures. Beasts. Monsters.

Some believe them to be the stuff of Legends, and others account for them with first hand sightings. The thing that is most certain about these wonderous beings is that no matter what, as long as there are the Gods and Mana and Life, then there will most certainly be creatures to live beside us. Monsters of this world are placed in the following categories.

Rank S - The most powerful, largest and strongest creatures. Seemingly impossible to kill, usually very rare.

Rank A - Strong creatures, not legendary, but high risk monsters that can destroy villages and small towns.

Rank B - Large creatures that are hazardous to many travelling adventurers.

Rank C - Usually pack animals that are hostile towards other creatures.

Rank D - Peaceful herbivores that only attack when provoked. Also very small carnivorous creatures.

Rank E - Small creatures or pets, pests included also.

Note: Wide classifications such as Wyvern or Mana Mass, are excluded as sub-species could exist within that species.

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