Calidum Syndrome appears to have no negative symptons that immediately causes danger to the affected. However indirect factors can cause death. It is the opposite of Frigus Syndrome.

It is uncertain how organisms can obtain this syndrome. It has been observed in wolves and foxes though they appear to be more adaptable to their sudden optimum temperature change.


Scientists and doctors are unsure of how these symptons have developed or where this syndrome has originated from. Many theories include DNA mutation or a pathogenic organism. The symptons are:

  • Affected can no longer stand the temperature of a normal day. Finding it intolerable they are forced to find locations with warmer climates such as the desert. Even summer days can be uncomfortable.
  • Enzymes affected so the optimum temperature is increased drastically so at room temperature the enzymes will denature and result in death.
  • Cells are affected in a way that respiration only occurs in high temperatures.
  • There are no phyical symptons related to Calidum Syndrome unlike Frigus.


Medication EditEdit

Medics have recently designed a serum that can be ingested via the mouth. It does not permanently cure the affected, but does grant them a certain period in which they can withstand cooler temperatures. The medication must be unique to each person as it contains a toxin that can be lethal. Vigorous testing must be taken before prescription.


Psychology experts are able to train the affected to become more tolerant and able to stand in alone at night for 2-3 minutes. Though it allows the mind to relax and shut off the pain. Physically it still causes a large amount of damage and resulted in several volunteers being incapacitated for a month.

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