Bully is a character from Kritana created by deches.


Bully wears a bullskull over his head, not liking to show his face. But under the bullskull Bully is bald with a few cuts across his face, one of his eyes has a bandage over it and he has a good few marks all over his face. Bully looks like his name, a Bully. He's big, he's strong and he is slightly pudgy. Bully also wears a kilt which people joke about, calling it a "man-skirt".


Bullies personality is simple, he doesnt think about what hes doing and he prefers to eliminate his problems. Bully can be smart but usually remains his poor dumb self, this usually makes him enemies, he has a nack for picking on someone when they anger him. In other words "Bullying" them.


Bully grew up in a place called Bulltaria, being the prince of Bulltaria he wasnt in luxury, as a baby and child his mother and father wanted nothing to do with him, he was left in a servants hands. Bully when he was 12 was sick of noone liking him and ran off to the army, he became a great fighter and leader, he toured many lands and conquered most of them. At 16 Bully left the army and wandered finally finding Kritana and the bandit camp in MRP. From that day on he met a lot of people, a lot of them died including: Alys, Belle, Kid and a lot of other people. He also took up drugs but he finally quit after a lecture.



Aero was one of Bullies first "frenemies". They fought but hung out with eachother, Aero saved Bully from his own own daft suicide attempts, but after Aero attacked Bully from rage he left,never returning...Well not yet anyway.


Kaze is Aero's son and Bullies new "frenemy" in Aero's absence, Kaze actually attempts to kill Bully, but he always ends up stopping when Bully lands a fist in his face, but Kaze has become tougher and can even beat Bully if he's lucky.