Artemis== Artemis is a 17 year old Warrior. She is most skilled with a bow and arrow, but melee works for her to.


Artemis is a tall woman, with an armoured torso and black trousers. She has long brown hair and white eyes.


Artemis is a harsh woman, she tends to be serious and strict about anything. When it comes to her life, she never has fun with it, she's always working. She trains at the arena with her old friend Kulnraik, he's the closest thing she's had to a friend at all. She doesn't care for socializing, people tend to get in her way. She'd never back down from a fight.


When Artemis was born, she was kidnapped and taken to a bandit camp, where she grew up. She spent her days from the age of 8 year old training with a bow. The bandits always had her hunt the food, she hadn't minded however, she was kidnapped as a child, not realizing her childhood. The bandits had taught her how to read, write and speak properly. One day she was out returning from her hunt, dragging along a small deer, when she noticed fire peaking from the trees. Rushing ahead, the camp had been destroyed, her childhood gone. Panicking, she fled. Later the same night a young man, Kulnraik had found her crying in a cave. Kulnraik took her in, he owned a mountain house of his own and cared for her. She grew stronger with Kulnraik, she continued her training with him and turned out to be a strong warrior. Kulnraik had been out one night, hunting with her. When they were ambushed by a group of bandits. One was weilding a soul blade, Kulnraik fended off most of them, but Artemis was only 14, the bandit had ended up driving his soul blade into Artemis, and splitting her soul into three pieces. Her, Kage-Tsuki no and Genesis. She slipped into a coma state from then on out.


Artemis bow

Artemis' bow

Artemis uses a long black bow, a gift from her guardian Kulnraik, aswell as her sword Valdros.
Artemis sword

Artemis' blade