Arlette was born with little eagle wings on her back and as she grows up, they become larger. She can fly pretty well with them but flying too long makes her fatigued. For a short amount of time, she can carry another person, but with determination she can fly for longer.


Personally, she is a very nice person who likes helping out. She does enjoy stealing, which is why she has been helping a band of Progan pirates get more loot. Their captain is Carstein. She is very interested in Carstein's hook, which gives her even more of a motive to help them in their evil deeds.

Home and AppearanceEdit


Supposedly what Arlette would look like, but she would be wearing a dark red outfit

She owns a yellow farm house and doesn't really get along with her neighbors well since she has wings and that freaks them out a little. She doesn't really care though because it is their loss. Arlette has long brown hair which radiates in the sun. She often wears a dark red outfit which doesn't seem to suit her personality well. She is quite petite in size, but not in personality.


Something that Arlette doesn't even know about herself is that she is the reincarnation of Trinity. They look nearly the same and they both have eagle wings. The only difference is personality. The question is, when will she find out that she she is the reincarnation of a former Mirai member? Trinity had gone against Mirai code, she was removed from the group and eventually died by the hand of the leader. There are two people still alive who knew Trinity, Grimme and Deamon...but when will they cross paths?