The non-magicks equivalent of the University of Arcane Studies. A prestigous school dedicated to providing high quality education to those with great potential. Located in The Rangers Archipalgo and founded by the Archipalagean government. They produce many talented scholars, scientists and other well-respected members of society. The school is highly secretive, only a small amount of information has ever been leaked.


Founded by Archipalegean government around 1000 years ago. Archipalego wanted a school where only the pupils with potential could study. The curriculum used to contain multiple subjects on the topic of magicks. However it was slowly removed as there was a lack of mage students, preferring to have a home tutor.


Now a famous school, it continues to produce well-educated, highly respected members of society that alters the world in some shape or form.


The school monitors multiple locations around the world, where pupils have shown talent at a later age, usually 16-20 years old. Once they reach the age of 18 they will be notified personally or via parents or guardians. There they will have to sleep at the school, within the walls only during the summer holidays are they permitted to return home. The fee is rather low, focusing on increasing students talents than making a large profit.


As most of the subjects there are mandatory until the age of 18, when they are allowed to choose four subjects to specialise into, ceasing further education with all other subjects. A term is an entire year, lasting from Febuary to June. Only allowing two months for students to go home, the summer holidays.


Many hypothosise that the school has something to hide. Ranging from brain-washing to live experimentation. However it is undeniable that all the students from this school are especially talented. Hence the name. Considering the college did create the "Elixer of Life" resulting in Berserkers, it is understandable that they prefer to remain secretive.

Report Conducted by: SK