Archangels are the closest to being a God as you can get. They are the highest rank of Cheru, and there is one for each God. They are their God's (somewhat) Loyal servants, and will do anything their masters tell them to.

Archangel of LawEdit

The Archangel of Law is a being that presides over the rule of the world. He makes sure that all of the people of the world are given fair laws to live under. He sometimes takes this to extremities, going as far as to eliminate entire species because they "didn't make sense". This Archangel has the ability to manipulate any and all natural law. As it being a divine right, it is not magic. He has only revealed himself recently as Deamon-a vessel tasked with writing down all the things in the world so the Archangel could correct any "lawless" mistakes.

Archangel of LifeEdit

The Archangel of Life is a being that is given the duty of creating new life for the world.

Archangel of DeathEdit

The Archangel of Death, Nyx, is responsible for dealing death throughout the world when the gods demand it. Also tasked with locating lost souls and ghosts. She disguises and introduces herself as Deamon's sister and is disguised as an assassin on the mortal plane, she revels in death but not always the one to deliver it.